All About Cardboard Boxes: Warehouse Services

A cardboard box, also called a carton or corrugated board box is made of paperboard. It’s rectangular and usually has two flaps on the top for opening and closing it. The primary use of cardboard boxes is to protect fragile items during transportation.

What are warehouse services?

Warehouse services are storage and distribution of goods to increase efficiency in supply chains.

What are some of the benefits of warehousing cardboard boxes?

  1. Warehousing reduces the time it takes to transport goods

A truck can carry more than one load. With warehousing, the goods are loaded onto trucks only once at the warehouse, and then right away, multiple deliveries start to take place. This decreasethe time consumption of transporting goods significantly compared with having all loads be carried out by different vehicles in an unorganized manner.

  1. Warehousing reduces the risk of damage

Loss and damages are common when transporting goods through unorganized pipelines. However, a warehouse can provide boxes that do not get damaged easily compared to those that come without a cover.

  1. Warehousing allows easy storage

A warehouse can store different items depending on one’s needs. This is unlike the case when transporting goods from one place to another where a customer might not get it right away because of distance or traffic. The inventory storage allows one to get the needed items before moving them out.

  1. Warehousing ensures security

In a warehouse, items can be stored in boxes that have covers. This makes it difficult for thieves to enter the premises and steal anything. In addition, there is always someone who watches out over what happens within the premises at all times, so no one gets tempted to go through your goods.

How does one store my cardboard boxes?

There are two ways of storing your cartons: flat or upright/vertical storage.

Upright storage means that you stack them vertically while keeping their top flaps closed, whereas, with flat storage, they remain horizontally stacked without closing their tops flaps.

Where is warehousing most effective?

Warehouses come in handy where mass production occurs, or large amounts of stock need to be put aside for future use. The bulk quantity makes it impractical for individual trucks to take them out one by one, so warehouses are used instead. Warehouses may also have multiple deliveries, but they are larger than truckloads, thus making it more efficient this way around too.


Warehousing is a very important process in the supply chain, and it helps reduce costs, time, and risks. It also ensures security for your goods as well as easy storage. That’s all about warehouse services.

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