Four measures to improve worker safety on oil facilities 

The management of oilfields is not automated; oilfields are using Renegade Wireline systems for connecting all the departments of the oilfield. These systems are used for keeping a check on all the wells of the oilfield. Supervisors in oilfields need to be careful when it comes to the safety of the workers. We are going to talk about some measures which can help in improving worker safety in oilfields.

Monitoring of vehicles

The accident of vehicles in the oilfields often triggers bigger problems as well like fire etc.; therefore, implementing a driving protocol in the oilfield is very important. The highest fatalities in the oil industry are from the vehicle accidents in the plant. Now monitoring systems are installed in the vehicles which access the behavior of the drivers and recommend measures for improving their skills. Special focus should be given to the training of the drivers of the oilfield as well to minimize the damage.

Clear communication 

Clear communication between all the team members on the oilfield is important to eliminate any kind of confusion during the work. Miscommunication can lead to serious disasters in the oilfield. The importance of the visual communication on the oilfield is also increasing; custom signs should be placed in different places which can communicate procedures for different works on the site. All the outdated and worn-out signs should be removed from the site. Floor markings on the oil facility are also important; check which all markings need to be re-marked.

Safety signs on every project 

Several projects are carried out in an oil facility, and it is important to reassess the safety signs on the oil field when the project shifts from one place to another. Make sure that all the labels and the signs are in the correct place and are communicating the procedures and the hazards on the plant. This will help new workers in understanding the procedures and knowing hazards on the site.

Regular machine maintenance is important. 

Regular machine maintenance is also important for the effective functioning of an oil facility. Machines these days automatically display warning signs when something is not right, shut down such machines and operate them only when they are functioning at their optimal level.


The safety of the workers should be given priority in the oil field. The oil field is considered a risky job, but the strict implementation of the safety measures can improve the working environment for the employees.

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