How is JAFZA Best Suited for Middle East Manufacturing Companies?

Dubai’s famous Jebel Ali free zone uses industrial trade events to showcase companies. It mainly shows them as part of a logistics and trade hub to reach the Middle East regions. It makes it the ideal site to set up a manufacturing company.

For instance, the Automechanika trade show in Frankfurt is one of the most significant events. Here, JAFZA set up a booth to recruit companies that can smoothly operate in UAE. In this regard, the CEO of JAFZA noted how almost 7000 companies have set up business in 120 countries. It includes nearly 100 companies from the 500 Fortune companies. Of this, almost 73% are in trading, whereas 23% are in manufacturing.

Therefore, it was a strategic move to appear at Automechanika to drive more of the component industry to JAFZA.

The extent of JAFZA’s Connectivity

Many US companies can benefit from JAFZA to reach the Iranian market. Here, Iranian companies transact outside the world via Dubai bank. The banking system is well-linked worldwide. Almost 200 nations have come here to run business operations. Its biggest asset is its sea, land, rail and air connectivity. The free zone serves 100 shipping lines that allow ease of global freight connectivity to the JAFZA companies.

Besides, the AI Maktoum Airport establishes reliable air links that connect with the companies’ regional markets. The Etihad Railway in UAE links JAFZA to Arab Peninsula, taking advantage of rail connectivity.

JAFZA’s industrial strategy and economic incentives that it offers to US companies to strengthen its business relations. Reports state that trade relations between the two countries have grown by 37% over the five years.

Growth of JAFZA in Recent Times

Dubai’s excellent infrastructure and growing business community can easily cater to logistics and trade markets to grow in the Middle East area. It offers excellent manufacturing hub facilities, and with this, it can attract multinationals worldwide. It makes JAFZA a preferred choice for the potential expansion of most US companies. This makes UAE among the popular trading centres in the Middle East.

 Different Types of Licences Available in Jafza

  1. Service Licence: It allows legal and professional activities in the JAFZA market.
  2. Industrial Licence: It is for businesses that manufacture or produce various goods.
  3. Innovation Licence: It is for businesses focusing on build of innovative models.
  4. National Industrial Licence: It applies to companies where the government has almost 51%t of ownership.
  5. Ecommerce licence: As the eCommerce market is growing, it applies to e-commerce business setups in JAFZA.
  6. Trading licence: Companies wanting to progress in the trading business should have this licence.

With a suitable idea about the markets in UAE, a specialist team of consultants of Emirabiz can guide you better. It helps business owners get effective solutions when planning to set up business in JAFZA free zone. Better knowledge of Jebel Ali free zone rules and regulations will help companies know the type of business they can set up and arrange for its on-time licences.

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