How to Choose a Server for a Small Office Business

For something that is so important but seems to be so technical in its very nature, it can be difficult to choose the right server for your small business. It is vital that you grasp what it is that your business needs exactly, but also take expert advice and guidance from suppliers of servers to businesses, those that have been salvaged or refurbished. There are many different types of servers and many different processes and tasks that a business must be secure and efficient with. This can also change from business to business, so getting help and guidance prior to choosing a server is a vitally important decision to get right. We’ve tried to keep things as simple as we can, to cut through the jargon and bring you some simple advice to begin your search.

You might think that it is an impossible task to even begin looking for a server for your small business. But there is a place where you can start.

The first is to consider how a server for a small business can be used. A server is a remote computer that is stored in a server data centre and is continuously connected to the internet. It can be used as a way of hosting a variety of applications and services that can be used to help a business reach its goals. These applications and services include file sharing, cloud storage, email hosting in a secure nature, hosting a website or a more substantial eCommerce website, SaaS apps to assist in client and employee management, planning and collaboration software and the management of invoices, to name just a few. Servers are also used to support multiple virtual servers and to back up business data and information. In these times, a server is also an excellent way to provide a secure and effective remote virtual desktop for employees to work from.

Look at the applications that you plan to run and from there you can put together a list of server specs that will allow you to run those applications securely and effectively. Also look at the best locations for small business servers, whether that is a server that sits in your office or whether you host a server in the cloud. This should also include a conversation about budget you have in place for a business server. With all this information a specialist supplier of servers can help you make the correct choice.

Once you have followed the advice steps above, you’ll have a fair idea of what it is exactly that you need from a server for your business. From there, you have a base of knowledge and an idea of requirements that you can go to a server specialist for advice with. Suppliers of used and refurbished servers have access to a wide range of servers that have different capabilities. They will have the knowledge to help you find the perfect server for your business needs. This will help to transform the way that your business operates, increasing efficiencies, driving standards and ensuring that data and information is as secure as possible.

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