Papa Tom
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When former customers search for you, or people in your area search for things you sell, they will get a million hits. None of them will tell them where to find you.

For a penny a day, you can have a NuBiz4U! e-Card that will solve that problem for you. It will be among the millions of hits the searcher receives, but it will be near the top after the paid ads in searches when they search for words and phrases used in your e-Card.

One of the best features of NuBiz4U! e-Cards is that you can edit them throughout the year! You can get one started today, and come back anytime to improve it. This also makes them an affordable way for owners to use them for event announcements or special offers!

They are as easy to set up as an email or blog post!

For another penny a day, you can have your e-Card randomly rotated on NuBiz4U! home page!

You can get yours from this page. Just sign up and publish one from the buttons at the top!

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