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We understand the importance of sticking to a budget, so here is what it will cost to add NuBiz4U! e-Cards to your marketing plan:

One e-Card: a penny a day for a year

Feature that e-Card: two cents a day for a year

Get a second e-Card within the year: three cents a day

Feature that e-Card: four cents a day

If you are a professional, you could get an e-Card to take people to your website, another to promote a service, a third to announce events, and more you can imagine. Let's say you can think of six different ways you want to be found in search engines inexpensively, and you featured all six on NuBiz4U!: the total budget needed for the year is $43.80.

One new client finding you through any one of your e-Cards will pay for this many times over!

Here is how they work: when people run searches for companies or services like yours, your website is probably one of the results. With six e-Cards worded for different purposes, you may be three or four of the top results. Your e-Cards may even be found in a search, the results of which do not include your site - and it can have a link to your site in it!

It costs a penny a day to try one, and two pennies if you have your e-Card featured on NuBiz4U!. That is what you call having little down side, and a huge up side!


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