Packaging Tips for Shipping Fragile Items and Perishable Food

Corrugated boxes are the most common and affordable option for shipping hazardous and non-hazardous goods. However, it is necessary to use them correctly. From choosing the appropriate packing material and structural integrity to creative design and branding, the Belley team can help you.

Visit their link to get an idea of how the team works. It is necessary to keep the fragile items safe during transit, so below are some tips to help you get started.

Helpful packaging tips for shipping fragile products

  • Choose a box that is not too big or the fragile item can possibly get damaged due to getting jostled during transit.
  • Choose the board that is strong enough without unnecessary thickness or the fuel costs increases.
  • Apply appropriate stickers and labels, so that the package handlers are aware of how the cargo needs handling. For example, the ‘keep cold’ label means the package needs refrigeration, while ‘Fragile’ indicates to take extra care while handling. ‘This ends up’ is another labeling that prevents the container from getting incorrectly stored.
  • Fill packaging materials in the empty spaces, so that the product stays tight and secure inside.
  • Moisture is another concern. The cardboard’s structural integrity gets damaged due to moisture, so ensure to use packaging tape to seal.
  • Choose spongy material as it absorbs the moisture and protects the item from impacts.
  • To keep the boxes from bumping against one another or shifting, during transit use dunnage airbags.

Valuable packaging tips for perishable foods

  • Choose the appropriate insulation to protect temperature-sensitive food. You can consider Styrofoam boxes; Styrofoam cut sheets, air-filled insulation liners, insulated liners, and insulated pads to protect from heat.
  • For refrigerated food choose ice packs or dry ice. The dry ice you choose depends on the item’s weight and the length of time the product needs to be kept frozen.
  • Choosing the right partner for shipping your food cartons is essential.
  • You will need to set the pricing for cost management and savings.
  • Design a compact packaging because of the shipping company charge on dimensional weight and not actual weight.
  • The shipping cost for refrigerated products are high, so include a percentage of shipping cost in product pricing.
  • If your product is delicious and unique then customers will keenly pay the high shipping cost.

Shipping fragile or perishable products is scary but with the above tips, it is easily possible. Another thing to consider is shipping insurance while sending breakable or perishable products.

Pallet strapping is a process of securing and stabilizing heavy loads on pallets to prevent them from becoming loose during transportation.

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