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The Tacoma News Tribune 12/26/1972
"Age Finally Conquers Harry Truman"
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Presidential deaths are always significant for newspapers. Much of the paper will include stories and recollections about the president.

Harry S Truman was sworn in as Vice President on January 20, 1945. It was FDR's fourth term, but his first with the down-to-Earth Senator from Missouri as his Veep. Eighty-two days later, Truman was sworn in as President when FDR died. Despite getting into the office the only way he would have become President, Truman would become one of the most significant Presidents in history.

Truman inherited WWII from FDR, and left Ike with the Korean War. It was his decision to drop the atomic bombs on Japan, and he owned it. He even explained his decision. The plaque on his desk that read "The Buck Stops Here" was not a decoration; it was his philosophy. His feisty attitude earned him the nickname "Give 'em Hell Harry."

He was one of the polar presidents: many people loved him; those who didn't love him hated him. The political ire against him had waned by the time of his death. He was a lovable and approachable man, but a man who had his opinions and beliefs. The nation mourned his death and offered its condolences to his widow, Bess, a highly beloved First Lady, the day after Christmas in 1972.

That meant Christmas was over in Vietnam. The bombing resumes. Also, it was confirmed that survivors of the plane crash in Chile ate the flesh of dead passengers in order to survive.

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Parkland, Washington

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