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Vernon Kilns operated out of California from 1931 to 1958, and was one of the "big five" California potteries. Its souvenir collector's plates we mainstays in many households as memories of trips taken, or as memorable places from the past. 

The plates were heavier and more substantial pieces than other companies produced. The company was also known for putting historical facts and stories along with its stamp on the reverse side.

You get seven plates from different series the company produced, including some rather rare ones (meaning I couldn't find the exact piece), and a couple that are available for more than $30 plus shipping.

These plates include souvenirs from (1) Alaska, (2) Honolulu (note: the following picture shows a chip on the back of this plate), (3) Nevada, (4) Santa Rosa, (5) South Dakota, (6) Utah, and (7) Ventura County. The only flaw I found in the package is a large chip on the back of the Honolulu plate, but these are pre-owned plates sold as-is. You should verify your satisfaction with the condition of these plates before purchasing.

At $55, I believe there is enough room left in the price to interest both collectors and resellers.

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