Signs that you need a lawyer for Colorado car accident 

An unfortunate car accident can cause unexpected trauma and financial losses. If you were not at fault, filing an insurance claim with the at-fault party’s insurer doesn’t have to be complicated. Yet, it makes sense to talk to a Colorado Springs car accident lawyer, because accidents are rarely simple. Below are some of the clear signs that you need to seek legal representation after a car accident. 

  1. You were at fault. What if you had a minor share in fault? Colorado follows the modified comparative negligence rule, which can significantly impact what you get in compensation. If your share of fault is 50% or more, you cannot recover anything at all. The insurance company will try to do anything to pay less for your claim, and you need an attorney to save your interests. 
  2. You didn’t do enough at the accident site. All car accidents in Colorado, which results in property damage, death, or injury must be reported. Also, you are expected to take evidence from the accident site and keep records of other drivers involved. If you didn’t do any of that because you were unsure, or injured, you need to contact an attorney for the initial investigation. 
  3. Unclear fault. In many car accidents, the fault is not immediately clear, and there can be multiple parties at fault. In such circumstances, insurance companies and other drivers will try to impact the case for vested interests. Get an attorney, even when you believe that your fault was minor, or there is no clarity on what or who caused the accident.  
  4. You sustained serious injuries. Many injuries related to car accidents often show up weeks later. Spinal and back injuries are rather common, and if you have sustained serious brain or other injuries, which can impact your life ahead, you need a lawyer. A good car accident can ensure that your compensation covers for your losses and suffering. 
  5. You don’t know how to proceed ahead. You are required to inform the insurance companies, including your insurer, within a reasonable time. Like many others, if you are unsure of how to go ahead or handle the claims adjuster, you need to call an attorney. 

As you may have guessed, to win a car accident claim in Colorado and get a fair settlement, an attorney is your biggest asset. Just don’t delay in hiring one, because you need evidence and work to bolster your case. 

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