Things about The Greaseless wirelines You Must Know

The greaseless wireline are getting popular in the market. These wirelines are much better and superior to the other ones. Many features make it a great success. They help to remove the need for conventional pressure control parts and enhance the performance of the wireline. It is possible to even in the most challenging situation.

The oil and gas industry are preferring them for use. There is no need for the grease pump (grease pumps help you to inject the useless grease into control equipment that will make the worksite much cleaner) with the help of them. You even do not need the lubricator or the flow tubes in the operation.

They are covered with polymer with low friction properties that will help you to reduce the grease spilled and alleviate the grinding of the operation. Using the dual-chambered pack off with the sealing made up of rubber. There are many benefits of these kinds of wirelines that make them perfect for conventional cable. These wireline types of equipment are used in many places in the continental US– places known as the gas and oil-producing regions. There are dozens of reasons for using it. These wirelines will make your work efficient and performance. Let us discuss them in detail.

What Are The Benefits Of Using These Wirelines Those Are Greaseless? 

You will find several reasons to use this greaseless wireline for the operation. The following are some advantages that have made them the best, and safer for use:

  • Due to their low friction property, they help you to make the work much faster and efficient you would not have even imagined. These are even suitable for the challenging or highly deviated wellbores, the ordinary wirelines are not.
  • As discussed before, you do not need many types of equipment or no grease injection system anymore in the operation that makes the worksite with lesser footprints and more efficient.
  • You will be able to save a lot of time from all the cleaning and making it grease-free that consumes a lot of time. It can run 10 times more than the ordinary way without any cleaning up.
  • There will be a low chance of contamination with grease and associated clean-up. It has a polymer with low friction that protects with a sheath over the copper core that is dual insulated and solid core inner armor.

The improved efficiency and high performance can be improved while doing all the work done by the traditional wireline have made them outstand themselves. These reasons will be sufficient for purchasing them.

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