Tips for Avoiding Chemical Spills


Chemical spillsare a terrifying phenomenon, very dangerous incidences have occurred across the world, but very little attention has been paid to this health hazard in many nations. In fact, in some societies to speak of chemical spills is to speak of normalcy, as it has become a frequent occurrencein those societies and no one cares enough to bat an eye.

However, in the American Society careful attentionis paidto chemical spill and emergency responses are readily in place. But even at that, measures need to be put in places towards avoiding thesedreadful occurrences.Therefore, in this article,we will be hinting upon some tips and measures through whichchemicalspills can be avoided

But before we go further into the discourse of chemical spills, we need to first have a proper understanding of what in fact chemical spills are

What are chemical spills

Chemical spills can be explained as the uncontrolled release of chemicals that are dangerous andharmful to the health.These chemicals can come in the forms of solid, liquid or even as a gas.Above all they are very much dangerous and harmful to humankind.

The world has encountered several dangerous chemical spills,but one of the worst incidences was a gas spill that occurred in Bhopal,India where many lives werelost and many more left with permanent disabilities.This is the extent of the harmful nature of chemical spills.

Even with the depth of the dangers of chemicals spills, some societies still choose to turn a deaf ear to the harms and ills of chemical spills.But one will find that in advanced societies,theissue of chemical spill is taken more seriously and there are a lot of chemical spillclean up companies that oftendouble as emergency response teams andare readily available to try quell the consequences of chemical spills.

However, it is imperative that we hold true to thesaying that goes thus“Prevention is better than cure” it is against this backdrop that we propose the following means of avoiding chemical spills in your industries, companies and even homes.

How to avoid chemical spills

You have to prevent the overcrowding of storage units where chemicals are being stored. And such areas should be cordoned off the public eyes.In simpler terms, access to chemical storage areas should be controlled and limited.

When you have to move chemical or chemical products, this should be carefully transported in a cart or chemical carriers, just so that they are not tipped off or spilled in transit and also it could also reduce over exposure. You should also remember to have your safety gears on whenever you have to work with chemicals

Every unused reagent should be kept in the chemical storage unit which is of course cordoned off the public, and the areas that are accessible to all should be devoid of chemicals, except of course when they are needed.

Chemicals or chemical products that are in use should be kept in a hood or lab bench area, to reduce the chances of such chemicals being accidentally tipped over.

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