Tips When Working With a Landscaping Company

When considering hiring a landscaper, it’s important to understand your responsibility as the homeowner. You will need to communicate well with your landscaper to ensure they understand what you would like to see in your yard.

You also need to understand what is expected of you or the company after the project is complete. This is essential for your landscaping to continue looking as fresh as when the project was finished.

To make the landscaping project successful, here are some of the things you must do while working with a landscaping company:

Try to Personally Pick Your Plants

Visit the tree nursery of your chosen landscaper and personally pick plants and trees to be planted in your garden. The landscaper can show you photos of available plants, but spending the time to drive to their nursery, gives you a much better understanding of what you are choosing.

Also, by visiting their nursery and personally picking plants, you might be able to choose from a wider option of plants, including plants that you didn’t know existed. You can absolutely depend on the landscaper to pick your plants, but knowing you had a hand in the selection gives you some ownership. It also gives your garden a personal touch when you pick your own plants.

Discuss Your Expectations Upfront

Make sure you discuss your expectations with the landscaper. Good communication is key if you want to be completely happy with the result of this project. It’s important to ensure all your expectations are laid out and discussed before work starts on the project.

By discussing your expectations upfront, you are giving the landscaper the chance to decline the project just in case they cannot adhere to what you want. Suppose they fail to execute according to the expectations you discussed clearly with them. In that case, there is no one to blame for the wrong output than the professionals themselves.

Ask Questions

It’s important to ask questions, especially if there are things about the project or contract you don’t understand. Take your time to make sure you’re getting what you hoped for. As long as the questions are relevant to their services, there is no reason not to ask them. Do not sign any agreement unless all your questions are answered clearly.

Be Present When the Work is Completed

If you cannot be home when they’re working on the project, check in or have someone there who knows the plan. Leaving them completely without even checking their work once in a while is not a good idea. Yes, they are the experts, but it is your garden.

Checking their progress can prevent major issues from coming up. If the project is already completed, it might be too late when you notice the issue. It is best to ask them to revise something before it has been completed, as it is easier and faster to complete the request.

Provide a Fair Timeline

Seeing your new garden completed can be very exciting, but be fair when providing a timeline. You have to let them do the work at the right pace to ensure everything is done correctly. Have patience with them. Creating a beautiful garden is a work of art.

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