Using Skip Tracing Tools From Microbilt: An Overview!

Before we discuss skip tracing tools from MicroBilt, let’s understand the meaning & relevance of skip tracing first. Lenders always give money to people and businesses on good faith and on relevant terms & conditions. However, debt collection may turn out to be nightmare when a person doesn’t respond to calls and emails after repeated attempts. The debtor has essentially “skipped”, and hence the term skip tracing. So, what is skip tracing? Simply put, skip tracing follows a standard means of protocols and resources to find a person, who is otherwise not traceable at his current address or doesn’t respond to communication.

Understanding the process

A set of standard steps are followed in skip tracing. Firstly, the information provided by the individual is checked and reviewed, so as to know the available info at hand. Skip tracers will then use a wide range of public resources to gather as much additional and new details as possible. They rely on often public record data bases, credit reports, applications for loans and jobs, utility bills and so on. However, the information doesn’t suffice, additional advanced tools can be considered, and that’s where MicroBilt steps in.

MicroBilt’s suite for skip tracing

MicroBilt has been a leader in offering Identity Verification & Skip Tracing tools. They have a wide range of products, each one being better than the other, depending on the current stage of search. For instance, their product Super Phone is a dynamic tool that finds all details, including phone numbers, addresses, and aliases.  They also have two other tools – Enhanced People Search and People Search – that are meant to find and locate a person by gathering all relevant information from current and past. Address Search is also a tool offered by them, which tries to find address history and current addresses, and when more advanced assistance is required, Trace Detail can be used to find neighbors, friends, relatives, and partners.

Taking help from MicroBilt

While MicroBilt’s products relies on the existing public records and resources, they also have proprietary data, which further aids the skip tracing process. The good news is you can easily check samples of reports for various tools on their website, and MicroBilt is known for offering amazing assistance with all relevant aspects and things that clients may want support for.

You can check the website of MicroBilt to find more details on their skip tracing suite!

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