What Is A Chocolate Enrober?

Every individual likes to have chocolates and other chocolate-coated sweets. There are several types of chocolates which are consumed by people all over the world. At the same time, it is imperative to know how chocolates and coated upon various items and how the process is carried out? There are machines which help people to do this. In big baking and confectionary units, chocolate enrober is used to coat the thick chocolate layer around the cake, pastries, biscuits, toffees, ice creams, and many other things made. These machines were invented back in 1903, and it is always good to coat the confectionary item with a medium to thick layer to increase the shelf life.

About the enrobing process

Enrobing is a big process where dairy products such as white chocolate, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate coat any product to enhance the taste and flavor. The enrobing to be done depends on the final product that is made. The process starts where the product is placed on the feel brand where the chocolate enrober maintains a constant temperature and ensures that it pumps into a flow pan with a homogenous mass. The chocolate further flows to the chocolate curtain from the pan and coats all the products which pass through it completely.

Can the enrobers be customized?

The chocolate enrober machine can be tailored according to the preferences and demands of the buyers. All the machines are of high-grade and the best quality possible with long durability and made by a team with high experience. The machines come with an energy-saving technology that is completely new in the market and allows the bakers to do the work faster and at a less cost altogether. Patented solutions are provided to the buyers with the most innovative and engineered machine. Regardless of the size of the enrober, it is entirely different from what the traditional methods included and at the same time is safe and reliable as well.

Types of enrobers

Some of the main categories of chocolate enrober available in the market include:

  • Energy enrober: it is an entirely energy-saving enrober with some of the most revolutionary technologies which cater to both small and large scale production easily
  • Master enrober: it is an expert in providing an accurate and efficient style of coating all types of products.
  • Bottomer: this machine has the most advanced and latest technology updates for all the chocolate as well as confectionery products

Besides this, a few more types are available for the individual to go through on the website. The website is open for all interested buyers, and they can ask for a quote during working hours. So, chocolate enrober is an essential machine for people who run a confectionery store on a commercial scale.

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